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 EoD B2F Guide

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PostSubject: EoD B2F Guide   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:52 am

All credit goes to my friend Syranne from Cabal EU

First of all, pick up everything what boss drops, cause u will need them for the quests. And if u click on something, and it says "Let's pass" do not click on it cause it will activate a trap (unless u needs some more mobs for some quest^^)

1. Click on tombstone to start and go on

2. Click the other tombstone and wait till flower gates go down to go on

3. Kill the Death Flower Queens

4. Click on tombstone and go to next room where kill mobs till Ekzane appears

5. Go on and click tombstone so boss appears (Flame Emperor Zombie), dash behind him so the flowers cant attack u

6. After u killed the boss, speak with the sword

7. Speak with the corpse (zuki is walking over it D: but its there where the gate opens)

8. Go on, click the controller, start bm and dash to next boss, Arban Raikette

9. In the next room lure Fellins Luerow to the gate and kill him, then clean the room from mobs except Phantom Archers at the wall. When only Archers left, start killing them and when HURRY UP appears, one Cruel Bat spawns for a few sec, kill it fast. If u dont kill it u fail troll quest.

10. If u killed the cruel bat go back to where Arban Raikette was and click the coffin (pour potion) and bunch of mobs appear, kill them. Then go Fellins Luerow room, click the coffin (insert crystal) and kill the mobs.

11. Go on, if u failed with bat kill only Perzen Bhha, otherwise click controller and gate opens, lure boss upstairs in the corner and kill the boss together with the mobs.

12. When the 2 vampires are dead dash to the coffin, click it and Prozaque von Zattelerean appears. Kill him.

13. When the boss and the Bloody Lady are dead click the box near the coffin

14. Go on, click the controller and dash down in to the room and kill Printz Vertzen. 1 min after, one Phantom Watcher appears for a few sec, kill him otherwise more mobs spawn (if durahan quest is needed dont kill him)

15. Click the shining wall, after go make mirrors if u killed the bat, otherwise go on with ghosts

16. Mirrors. 1st mirror is on the way from 2nd boss to Arban Raikaette (before the controller), go on and u will find the 2nd one after the next corner, the 3rd is where u killed the vampire boss, Prozaque

17. Then go back to durahan room and click the tombstone to start the quest

18. Click the controller, and many ghosts spawn, go bm2 and before it ends extend with aura (blader should use bm1 for aoe, force archers bm2 using skills not normal attack) The quest is in fact to kill Red, Blue and Green ghosts (they are dead in 1 hit) and u have to survive for 2 mins. Therefor the other option for ghosts is to lure them out, kill hte quest ghosts, dash to gate and open it and start lureing them into durahan room. After the 2 mins passed dash back to the controller, click it and some ghosts die.

19. After ghosts, go on and clean the next room from mobs. The countdown for boss spawn starts as soon as u dash into the room, or it starts by itself after some time. After u cleaned the room, dance till the boss appears, but be carefull where u dance so when Jumar Carbot spawns, doesnt kill u instantly

20. Click the wall behind the chest, choose answers to open the gate

21. Now u have to clean the next room from mobs. The countdown for boss spawn starts when u kill one of the durahans. After u killed the mobs dance at the stairs till Andreas Schultz spawns.

22. After killing the boss speak with the hole to open the gate, then speak with the torturing device

23. Click the controller to open the gate, u have about 30 sec to cross the tunnel safely. After the tunnel click the controller.

24. Kill the mobs in ur way, then the gate for killian opens go bm and kill his first form, then dash back

25. Kill the mobs, and when Death Prime Knight appears lure him carefully out and kill him

26. When the Death Prime Knight is dead, 5 Killian illusions appears. U have to kill one, to make them disappear, but since u dont know which one it is, lure then together to the coffin and kill them (ofc u have to be in bm if u dont want to die)

27. After this appears Killians last form. If u are afraid of dieing kill the mobs first, then go for boss. Or just dash up to the boss, and kill him

28. Click the altar. Now u have to make the honour quest. Send ur other party member to Andreas Schultz room. Easiest way to get there is to use the warp at the wall, u get into the trial room, choose left door and warps u in the durahan room. In Andreas room, u have to speak with the torturing device. After this in Killian room u have to speak first with the bag, and then with the corpse (they are where the gate opens to Killian) then go where killian spawned speak with the altar and then with the wall behind it

29. Now go into the trial room. DO NOT click the middle stone, this is not eod b1f. Choose left door, go to Jumar Carbot room and clean it, so u can start Troll quest.

30. To start troll quest click the torturing device in Jumar room. The arrow indicates where u have to go for chests after each troll killed. The gate is opened for a few seconds so u have to be fast. If u stuck in, cause the gate closed, the is a warp to trial room where the chest was, use left door and go back Jumar room. After u killed all the 8 trolls click the torturing device again to finish the quest.

31. After troll quest go to where chests were, use the warp to trial room, and now u can click the middle stone to finish the dungeon.

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EoD B2F Guide
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